PhySy Launches PhySyCalc 2.0, a new and improved scientific and engineering calculating app for iPhone and iPad

PhySyCalc eliminates steps in science and engineering calculations and reduces costly unit errors.


Columbus, OH, USA — 3 November, 2014 — PhySy today announced the release of version 2.0 of PhySyCalc, its scientific and engineering calculator for iPhone and iPad. An outlying achiever in the glutted field of scientific calculators, PhySyCalc 2.0 offers a simple and powerful calculator for everyone, from the chef to the researcher, the student to the astronaut, by simplifying calculations and reducing costly unit errors

What is 5 mi + 500 ft + 8 in? Enter this exact expression into PhySyCalc 2.0 and get the result in any unit of length you choose. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise to powers, and perform many other operations with numbers and units representing actual physical quantities. PhySyCalc adopts a natural infix notation for entering calculations in full before evaluating. PhySy has developed a unique and intuitive interface for appending units to numbers so calculations can be entered rapidly.  “Also built into PhySyCalc are the common physical constants,” said PhySy founder, Philip Grandinetti, “but the cool part of PhySyCalc is never having to worry about whether or not the constant has the proper unit. Kiss all those dimensional analysis problems goodbye! PhySyCalc even has element properties from the periodic table, such as atomic weights, isotope weights, isotope abundances, and more.” New features in 2.0, says Grandinetti, include an improved, eye-pleasing interface and a universal app that supports both iPhone and iPad displays. “I use this app at my research laboratory in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics, but we also use it at home,” says Professor Jeff Yarger of Arizona State University. “Two of my kids are Type 1 diabetics; this app has turned their iPhones and iPads into critical carb calculators. The fact that it handles all the units and conversions makes it a wonderful tool for them and gives their parents peace of mind that the kids are calculating correctly and no dangerous mistakes will be made because of unit conversions. Thanks, PhySy, for this truly wonderful and powerful calculating app!” What distinguishes PhySyCalc from its competition is the profound sophistication of its underlying software library for the physical sciences. Intelligent SI unit and dimensionality types accompany the numerical value of every physical quantity, a critically important element when physical quantities are transmitted, as they are so often today, between software networks and across networks to various devices without losing any of their essential attributes.

PhySyCalc is the first product from PhySy, a new scientific software company based in Columbus, OH. Founder, Philip Grandinetti, a Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at The Ohio State University, has developed over the years the foundational principles of PhySyCalc by developing a software library for the physical sciences. PhySy’s first app, for iPhone and iPad, fills the growing need across disciplines for intelligent and convertible SI unit and dimensionality types accompanying numerical values of every physical quantity. 

PhySyCalc is available for download on iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store.

Calculate gas pressure in atmospheres with the ideal gas law.

Calculate the rest mass of an electron in MeV

ElectronRestMass2 from PhySyApps on Vimeo.

Calculate capacitance of a two-plate capacitor.

CapacitanceCalc from PhySyApps on Vimeo.

PhySyCalc 2.0 on the iPad.