PhySyCalc - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I turn off the key click sounds in the iOS app?
    The key click sounds are controlled through the iOS Settings. Open Settings, and then select Sounds Scroll to the bottom and turn off Keyboard Clicks.
  • Why does sin(135) gives 0.0883, should it give 0.7071?
    PhySyCalc is working correctly. Units have to be specified. You need to specify sin(135°) to get the correct answer of 0.7071067811865475. With no unit specified PhySyCalc assumes the argument is in radians, which is the only possible default unit for a dimensionless argument.
  • Can I convert directly to a desired unit instead of scrolling through so many possibilities?
    There is a partial solution implemented. End your calculation with two periods followed by the desired unit. For example, (m_e)•(c_0)^2..keV If the unit is "in the database" the conversion will work, otherwise it will give an error. This should work for the majority of your conversions. We hope to have a full solution implemented soon.
  • Sometimes I get the wrong answer in the wrong units when using the planck constant.
    The unit symbol for the planck constant is h_P. That's the symbol inserted when you press the planck constant button in the app. You may be typing in the unit symbol for hour, h, by mistake.