RMN - Intuitive Signal Processing for the Physical Sciences

IR spectrum
2D signal
1D signal fft
1D signal

RMN is a multi-dimensional signal processing application for uniformly sampled signals in an arbitrary number of dimensions.

Features include:

  • Support for real, complex, or multi-channel response signals in an unlimited number of dimensions. <\li>
  • Display of real, imaginary, magnitude, and argument parts of complex signal.
  • Display of dimensionless coordinates relative to origin offset.
  • Signal processing operations such as
    • Fourier transform
    • Complex conjugation
    • Data filling
    • Interactive signal phase adjustment
    • Signal apodization (gaussian, exponential, stretched exponential, sinc, top-hat bandpass, top-hat bandstop)
    • Reversing signal about a given dimension
    • Data shifting along a given dimension
    • Separating interleaved signals along a given dimension
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication of signals
    • Two-dimensional affine transforms (shear, rotate, translate, scale) of signals
    • Signal repeating into new dimension
    • Separating appended signals into new dimension
  • Calculation of signal-to-noise ratios
  • Extraction of lower dimensional cross-sections from higher dimensional signals
  • Extraction of lower dimensional projections from higher dimensional signals
  • Support for a diversity of physical science signals (e.g. spectroscopic, calorimetric, chromatographic, audiovisual, …)
  • Import of a variety of signal formats: Audio (WAV), Image (jpg, png), NMR (Bruker, Varian, JEOL, Tecmag, Spinsight), and 1D JCAMP
  • Support for numerous quantity units in all calculations
  • Support for natural infix notation for entering calculations with units

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