Units and Constants

Meet the next generation scientific calculator with units

Below are the units that PhySyCalc recognizes by name. Also included, but not listed below, are all the prefixed SI units (otherwise the page would go on forever). With PhySyCalc, of course, your calculated results are not limited to those below. PhySyCalc will generate any derived unit in your calculation even if it's not in this list.

Name Symbol Coherent SI Unit
acres ac 4046.8564224 m^2
acre feet ac•ft 1233.48183754752 m^3
alpha particle mass m_a 6.64465723e-27 kg
alpha particle mass energy m_a•c_0^2 5.971920096982665e-10 kg
amperes A 1 A
amperes per ampere A/A 1 A/A
ampere per meter A/m 1 A/m
amperes per square meter A/m^2 1 A/m^2
ampere square meters A•m^2 1 m^2•A
astronomical units ua 149597870691 m
atmospheres atm 101325 kg/(m•s^2)
atomic mass constant m_u 1.66053904e-27 kg
atomic mass units u 1.66053904e-27 kg
atomic units of 1st polarizability q_e^3•a_0^3/E_h^2 3.20636132417218e-53 m^3•s^7•A^3/(m^4•kg^2)
atomic units of 2nd polarizability q_e^4•a_0^4/E_h^3 6.235380071081898e-65 m^4•s^10•A^4/(m^6•kg^3)
atomic unit of charge density q_e/a_0^3 1081202377964.846 s•A/m^3
atomic unit of current q_e•E_h/ℏ 0.006623618185310675 A
atomic unit of electric dipole moment q_e•a_0 8.478353549661393e-30 m•s•A
atomic unit of electric field E_h/(q_e•a_0) 514220671012.897 m•kg/(s^3•A)
atomic unit of electric field gradient E_h/(q_e•a_0^2) 9.717362365265548e+21 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3•A)
atomic unit of electric field gradient Λ_0 9.717362365265548e+21 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3•A)
atomic units of electric polarizability q_e^2•a_0^2/E_h 1.648777271625619e-41 m^2•s^4•A^2/(m^2•kg)
atomic units of electric potential E_h/q_e 27.21138602818051 m^2•kg/(s^3•A)
atomic units of electric quadrupole moment q_e•a_0^2 4.486551481269495e-40 m^2•s•A
atomic unit of energy E_h 4.359744651391459e-18 m^2•kg/s^2
atomic units of force E_h/a_0 8.238723370289518e-08 m•kg/s^2
atomic unit of length a_0 5.29177210526763e-11 m
atomic units of magnetic dipole moment ℏ•q_e/m_e 1.854801998410809e-23 m^2•A
atomic units of magnetic flux density ℏ/(q_e•a_0^2 235051.7551267941 kg/(s^2•A)
atomic units of magnetizability q_e•a_0^2/m_e 4.925197684034611e-10 m^2•kg•s^4•A^2/(kg^2•s^2)
atomic units of momentum ℏ/a_0 1.992851882433395e-24 m•kg/s
atomic units of permittivity q_e^2/(a_0•E_h) 1.112650055975658e-10 s^4•A^2/(m^3•kg)
atomic units of time ℏ/E_h 2.418884325719707e-17 s
atomic units of velocity a_0•E_h/ℏ 2187691.26286894 m/s
avogadro constant N_A 6.022140857e+23 (1/mol)
bars bar 100000 kg/(m•s^2)
barns b 1e-28 m^2
becquerels Bq 1 (1/s)
bohr magnetons µ_B 9.274009992054043e-24 m^2•A
boltzmann constant k_B 1.38064852e-23 m^2•kg/(s^2•K)
brewsters B 1e-12 m•s^2/kg
british thermal units Btu 1055.05585257348 m^2•kg/s^2
british thermal unit per hour Btu/h 0.2930710701593 m^2•kg/s^3
british thermal unit per minute Btu/min 17.584264209558 m^2•kg/s^3
british thermal unit per second Btu/s 1055.05585257348 m^2•kg/s^3
Btus per hour per foot per rankine Btu/(h•ft•°R) 1.730734666295077 m•kg/(s^3•K)
Btus per hour per rankine Btu/(h•°R) 0.5275279262867396 m^2•kg/(s^3•K)
Btus per hour per square foot per rankine Btu/(h•ft^2•°R) 5.678263340863113 kg/(s^3•K)
calories cal 4.1868 m^2•kg/s^2
calories per gram per kelvin cal/(g•K) 4186.8 m^2/(s^2•K)
calories per hour cal/h 0.001163 m^2•kg/s^3
calories per hour per kelvin cal/(h•K) 0.001163 m^2•kg/(s^3•K)
calories per hour per meter per kelvin cal/(h•m•K) 0.001163 m•kg/(s^3•K)
calories per hour per square meter per kelvin cal/(h•m^2•K) 0.001163 kg/(s^3•K)
calories per minute cal/min 0.06978 m^2•kg/s^3
calories per mole cal/mol 4.1868 m^2•kg/(s^2•mol)
calories per second cal/s 4.1868 m^2•kg/s^3
candelas cd 1 cd
candelas per candela cd/cd 1 cd/cd
candela steradians cd•sr 1 m^2•cd/m^2
celsius °C 1 K
celsius per meter °C/m 1 K/m
centimeter squared gram cm^2•g 1e-07 m^2•kg
centimeter squared kilogram cm^2•kg 0.0001 m^2•kg
centuries hyr 3155760000 s
chains ch 20.1168 m
characteristic impedance of vacuum Z_0 376.7303134803528 m^2•kg/(s^3•A^2)
compton wavelengths λ_C 2.426310235972943e-12 m
conductance quantum G_0 7.748091730820603e-05 s^3•A^2/(m^2•kg)
coulombs C 1 s•A
coulomb meters C•m 1 m•s•A
coulombs per cubic meter C/m^3 1 s•A/m^3
coulombs per kilogram C/kg 1 s•A/kg
coulombs per mole C/mol 1 s•A/mol
coulombs per square meter C/m^2 1 s•A/m^2
coulombs per volt meter C/(V•m) 1 s^4•A^2/(m^3•kg)
cubic centimeters per hour cm^3/h 2.777777777777778e-10 m^3/s
cubic centimeters per minute cm^3/min 1.666666666666667e-08 m^3/s
cubic centimeters per mole cm^3/mol 1e-06 m^3/mol
cubic centimeters per second cm^3/s 1e-06 m^3/s
cubic feet ft^3 0.028316846592 m^3
cubic feet per hour ft^3/h 7.86579072e-06 m^3/s
cubic feet per minute ft^3/min 0.0004719474432 m^3/s
cubic feet per second ft^3/s 0.028316846592 m^3/s
cubic inches in^3 1.6387064e-05 m^3
cubic meters per cubic meter m^3/m^3 1 m^3/m^3
cubic meters per hour m^3/h 0.0002777777777777778 m^3/s
cubic meters per kilogram m^3/kg 1 m^3/kg
cubic meters per minute m^3/min 0.01666666666666667 m^3/s
cubic meters per mole m^3/mol 1 m^3/mol
cubic meters per second m^3/s 1 m^3/s
cubic yards yd^3 0.764554857984 m^3
cups cup 0.0002365882365 m^3
curies Ci 37000000000 (1/s)
daltons Da 1.66053904e-27 kg
darcys Dc 9.869233e-13 m^2
days d 86400 s
debyes D 3.335640951816991e-30 m•s•A
decades dayr 315576000 s
degrees ° 0.0174532925199433 m/m
drams dr 0.0017718451953125 kg
dynes dyn 1e-05 m•kg/s^2
dynes per centimeter dyn/cm 0.001 kg/s^2
dynes per square centimeter dyn/cm^2 0.1 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^2)
electric constant ε_0 8.854187817e-12 s^4•A^2/(m^3•kg)
electron g factor g_e -2.00231930436182 m^2•A/(m^2•A)
electron magnetic moment µ_e -9.28476462e-24 m^2•A
electron mass m_e 9.10938356e-31 kg
electronvolts eV 1.6021766208e-19 m^2•kg/s^2
elementary charge q_e 1.6021766208e-19 s•A
ergs erg 1e-07 m^2•kg/s^2
ergs per second erg/s 1e-07 m^2•kg/s^3
euler constant e 2.718281828459045
fahrenheit °F 0.555555555555556 K
fahrenheit per foot °F/ft 1.822688830562848 K/m
farads F 1 s^4•A^2/(m^2•kg)
farads per meter F/m 1 s^4•A^2/(m^3•kg)
faraday constant &F 96485.33288249877 s•A/mol
fathoms ftm 1.8288 m
fine structure constant α 0.007297352566357864
fluid ounces floz 2.95735295625e-05 m^3
feet ft 0.3048 m
feet per hour ft/h 8.466666666666667e-05 m/s
feet per minute ft/min 0.00508 m/s
feet per second ft/s 0.3048 m/s
feet per square minute ft/min^2 8.466666666666667e-05 m/s^2
feet per square second ft/s^2 0.3048 m/s^2
feet pound force ft•lbf 1.3558179483314 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
feet pound force per hour ft•lbf/h 0.0003766160967587223 m^2•kg/s^3
feet pound force per minute ft•lbf/min 0.02259696580552334 m^2•kg/s^3
feet pound force per second ft•lbf/s 1.3558179483314 m^2•kg/s^3
furlongs fur 201.168 m
gallons gal 0.003785411784 m^3
gallons per hour gal/h 1.051503273333333e-06 m^3/s
gallons per minute gal/min 6.30901964e-05 m^3/s
gallons per second gal/s 0.003785411784 m^3/s
gas constant R 8.314459861448581 m^2•kg/(s^2•K•mol)
gas permeance unit GPU 0.33 m•s^2•mol/(m^2•kg•s)
gauss G 0.0001 kg/(s^2•A)
gauss per centimeter G/cm 0.01 kg/(m•s^2•A)
gill gi 0.00011829411825 m^3
grains gr 6.479891e-05 kg
grams g 0.001 kg
gram meters per second m•g/s 0.001 m•kg/s
grams per cubic meter g/m^3 0.001 kg/m^3
grams per kilogram g/kg 0.001 kg/kg
grams per liter g/L 1 kg/m^3
grams per microliter g/µL 1000000 kg/m^3
grams per milliliter g/mL 1000 kg/m^3
grams per mole g/mol 0.001 kg/mol
grams per second g/s 0.001 kg/s
grams per square meter g/m^2 0.001 kg/m^2
grams per square meter per second g/(m^2•s) 0.001 kg/(m^2•s)
gram square meters per second g•m^2/s 0.001 m^2•kg/s
gravitational constant &G 6.67408e-11 m^3/(kg•s^2)
gravity acceleration g_0 9.80665 m/s^2
grays Gy 1 m^2•kg/(kg•s^2)
grays per second Gy/s 1 m^2/s^3
half teaspoons halftsp 2.464460796875e-06 m^3
hectares ha 10000 m^2
henries H 1 m^2•kg/(s^2•A^2)
henries per meter H/m 1 m•kg/(s^2•A^2)
hertz Hz 1 (1/s)
hertz per hertz Hz/Hz 1 s/s
hertz per tesla Hz/T 1 s•A/kg
horse power per ounce hp/oz 26303.78891073498 m^2•kg/(kg•s^3)
horse power per pound hp/lb 1643.986806920936 m^2•kg/(kg•s^3)
horsepower hp 745.699872 m^2•kg/s^3
hours h 3600 s
hundredweight cwt 45.359237 kg
hundredweightUK cwtUK 50.80234544 kg
imperial cups cupUK 0.000284130625 m^3
imperial fluid ounces flozUK 2.84130625e-05 m^3
imperial gallons galUK 0.00454609 m^3
imperial gallons per hour galUK/h 1.262802777777778e-06 m^3/s
imperial gallons per minute galUK/min 7.576816666666667e-05 m^3/s
imperial gallons per second galUK/s 0.00454609 m^3/s
imperial gill giUK 0.0001420653125 m^3
imperial half teaspoons halftspUK 2.959694010416667e-06 m^3
imperial pints ptUK 0.00056826125 m^3
imperial quarts qtUK 0.0011365225 m^3
imperial quarter teaspoons quartertspUK 1.479847005208333e-06 m^3
imperial tablespoons tbspUK 1.77581640625e-05 m^3
imperial teaspoons tspUK 5.919388020833334e-06 m^3
inches in 0.0254 m
inch ounce force in•ozf 0.007061551814226041 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
inches per hour in/h 7.055555555555556e-06 m/s
inches per minute in/min 0.0004233333333333334 m/s
inches per second in/s 0.0254 m/s
inches per square minute in/min^2 7.055555555555557e-06 m/s^2
inches per square second in/s^2 0.0254 m/s^2
inch pound force in•lbf 0.1129848290276167 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
inches pound force per hour in•lbf/h 3.138467472989352e-05 m^2•kg/s^3
inches pound force per minute in•lbf/min 0.001883080483793611 m^2•kg/s^3
inches pound force per second in•lbf/s 0.1129848290276167 m^2•kg/s^3
inverse acres (1/ac) 0.0002471053814671653 (1/m^2)
inverse amperes (1/A) 1 (1/A)
inverse atomic unit of length (1/a_0) 18897261259.69337 (1/m)
inverse barns (1/b) 1e+28 (1/m^2)
inverse candelas (1/cd) 1 (1/cd)
inverse centimeters (1/cm) 100 (1/m)
inverse conductance quantum (1/G_0) 12906.40372805821 m^2•kg/(s^3•A^2)
inverse cubic centimeters (1/cm^3) 1000000 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic feet (1/ft^3) 0.3048 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic inches (1/in^3) 0.0254 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic micrometers (1/µm^3) 1e+18 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic millimeters (1/mm^3) 1000000000 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic yards (1/yd^3) 0.9144 (1/m^3)
inverse cubic ångströms (1/Å^3) 1e+30 (1/m^3)
inverse cups (1/cup) 4226.752837730374 (1/m^3)
inverse days (1/d) 1.157407407407407e-05 (1/s)
inverse fine structure constant (1/α) 137.0359991389458
inverse fluid ounces (1/floz) 33814.02270184299 (1/m^3)
inverse feet (1/ft) 3.280839895013123 (1/m)
inverse gallons (1/gal) 264.1720523581484 (1/m^3)
inverse gauss (1/G) 1 s^2•A/kg
inverse gill (1/gi) 8453.505675460749 (1/m^3)
inverse hectares (1/ha) 0.0001 (1/m^2)
inverse hours (1/h) 0.0002777777777777778 (1/s)
inverse hour inverse minutes (1/(h•min)) 4.62962962962963e-06 (1/s^2)
inverse hour inverse seconds (1/(h•s)) 0.0002777777777777778 (1/s^2)
inverse imperial cups (1/cupUK) 3519.507972785404 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial fluid ounces (1/flozUK) 35195.07972785404 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial gallons (1/galUK) 219.9692482990878 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial gills (1/giUK) 7039.015945570809 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial pints (1/ptUK) 1759.753986392702 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial quarts (1/qtUK) 879.8769931963511 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial tablespoons (1/tbspUK) 56312.12756456647 (1/m^3)
inverse imperial teaspoon (1/tspUK) 168936.3826936994 (1/m^3)
inverse inches (1/in) 39.37007874015747 (1/m)
inverse kelvin (1/K) 1 (1/K)
inverse kilograms (1/kg) 1 (1/kg)
inverse liters (1/L) 1000 (1/m^3)
inverse meters (1/m) 1 (1/m)
inverse miles (1/mi) 0.0006213711922373339 (1/m)
inverse milliliters (1/mL) 1000000 (1/m^3)
inverse milliseconds squared (1/ms^2) 1000000 (1/s^2)
inverse minutes (1/min) 0.01666666666666667 (1/s)
inverse moles (1/mol) 1 (1/mol)
inverse months (1/month) 3.802570537683474e-07 (1/s)
inverse ounces (1/oz) 35.27396194958041 (1/kg)
inverse pascals 1/Pa 1 m•s^2/kg
inverse pints (1/pt) 2113.376418865187 (1/m^3)
inverse pounds (1/lb) 2.204622621848776 (1/kg)
inverse quarts (1/qt) 1056.688209432594 (1/m^3)
inverse seconds squared (1/s^2) 1 (1/s^2)
inverse seconds (1/s) 1 (1/s)
inverse square centimeters (1/cm^2) 10000 (1/m^2)
inverse square feet (1/ft^2) 10.76391041670972 (1/m^2)
inverse square inches (1/in^2) 1550.0031000062 (1/m^2)
inverse square kilometer (1/km^2) 1e-06 (1/m^2)
inverse square miles (1/mi^2) 3.861021585424458e-07 (1/m^2)
inverse square yards (1/yd^2) 1.19599004630108 (1/m^2)
inverse stones (1/st) 0.1574730444177697 (1/kg)
inverse tablespoons (1/tbsp) 67628.04540368599 (1/m^3)
inverse teaspoon (1/tsp) 202884.136211058 (1/m^3)
inverse thomson (1/Th) 96485332.90731907 s•A/kg
inverse tons (1/ton) 0.001102311310924388 (1/kg)
inverse tonnes (1/t) 0.001 (1/kg)
inverse weeks (1/wk) 1.653439153439154e-06 (1/s)
inverse yards (1/yd) 1.093613298337708 (1/m)
inverse years (1/yr) 3.168808781402895e-08 (1/s)
inverse ångströms (1/Å) 10000000000 (1/m)
joules J 1 m^2•kg/s^2
joules per cubic meter J/m^3 1 kg/(m•s^2)
joules per gram J/g 1000 m^2/s^2
joules per gram kelvin J/(g•K) 1000 m^2/(s^2•K)
joules per kelvin J/K 1 m^2•kg/(s^2•K)
joules per kilogram J/kg 1 m^2/s^2
joules per kilogram kelvin J/(kg•K) 1 m^2/(s^2•K)
joules per liter J/L 1000 kg/(m•s^2)
joules per mole J/mol 1 m^2•kg/(s^2•mol)
joules per mole kelvin J/(mol•K) 1 m^2•kg/(s^2•K•mol)
joules per nanometer J/nm 1000000000 m^2•kg/(m•s^2)
joules per radian J/rad 1 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
Joules per second J/s 1 m^2•kg/s^3
joules per square meter J/m^2 1 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^2)
joules per tesla J/T 1 m^2•A
joules second J•s 1 m^2•kg/s
katals kat 1 mol/s
katals per cubic meter kat/m^3 1 mol/(m^3•s)
katals per kilogram kat/kg 1 mol/(kg•s)
katals per liter kat/L 1000 mol/(m^3•s)
kelvin K 1 K
kelvin per kelvin K/K 1 K/K
kelvin per meter K/m 1 K/m
kilocalories kcal 4186.8 m^2•kg/s^2
kilocalories per hour per kelvin kcal/(h•K) 1.163 m^2•kg/(s^3•K)
kilocalories per hour per meter per kelvin kcal/(h•m•K) 1.163 m•kg/(s^3•K)
kilocalories per hour per square meter per kelvin kcal/(h•m^2•K) 1.163 kg/(s^3•K)
kilocalories per mole kcal/mol 4186.8 m^2•kg/(s^2•mol)
kilograms force kgf 9.80665 m•kg/s^2
kilogram force centimeters per radian kgf•cm/rad 0.0980665 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
kilogram force meters per radian kgf•m/rad 9.80665 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
knots kn 0.514444444444444 m/s
knots per second kn/s 0.514444444444444 m/s^2
leagues lea 4828.032 m
light years ly 9460730473047448 m
links li 0.201168 m
liters L 0.001 m^3
liters per 100 kilometers L/(100 km) 1e-08 m^3/m
lumens lm 1 m^2•cd/m^2
lumens per square foot lm/ft^2 10.76391041670972 m^2•cd/m^4
lumens per square meter lm/m^2 1 m^2•cd/m^4
lumens per square meter per steradian lm/(m^2•sr) 1 cd/m^2
lumens per watt lm/W 1 s^3•cd/(m^2•kg)
lumen seconds lm•s 1 m^2•s•cd/m^2
lux lx 1 m^2•cd/m^4
magnetic constant µ_0 1.256637061435917e-06 m•kg/(s^2•A^2)
magnetic flux quantum Φ_0 2.067832279214686e-15 m^2•kg/(s^2•A)
maxwells Mx 1e-08 m^2•kg/(s^2•A)
meters m 1 m
meters per hour m/h 0.0002777777777777778 m/s
meters per hour per second m/(h•s) 0.0002777777777777778 m/s^2
meters per liter m/L 1000 m/m^3
meters per meter m/m 1 m/m
meters per minute m/min 0.01666666666666667 m/s
meters per second m/s 1 m/s
meters per square second m/s^2 1 m/s^2
meter seconds per meter second m•s/(m•s) 1 m•s/(m•s)
meters squared gram m^2•g 0.001 m^2•kg
meters squared kilogram m^2•kg 1 m^2•kg
microdarcys µDc 9.869233e-19 m^2
micrograms mcg 1e-09 kg
miles mi 1609.344 m
miles per gallon mi/gal 425143.707430272 m/m^3
miles per hour mi/h 0.44704 m/s
miles per hour per second mi/(h•s) 0.44704 m/s^2
miles per imperial gallon mi/galUK 354006.1899346471 m/m^3
miles per minute mi/min 26.8224 m/s
miles per second mi/s 1609.344 m/s
miles per square minute mi/min^2 0.44704 m/s^2
miles per square second mi/s^2 1609.344 m/s^2
millennia kyr 31557600000 s
millidarcys mDc 9.869233e-16 m^2
millimeters of Hg mmHg 133.322 kg/(m•s^2)
million oil barrels MMbbl 158987.295 m^3
minutes min 60 s
moles mol 1 mol
moles per cubic meter mol/m^3 1 mol/m^3
moles per kilogram mol/kg 1 mol/kg
moles per liter mol/L 1000 mol/m^3
moles per liter M 1000 mol/m^3
moles per microliter mol/µL 1000000000 mol/m^3
moles per milliliter mol/mL 1000000 mol/m^3
moles per minute mol/min 0.01666666666666667 mol/s
moles per mole mol/mol 1 mol/mol
moles per second mol/s 1 mol/s
months month 2629800 s
muon g factor g_µ -2.0023318418 m^2•A/(m^2•A)
muon magnetic moment µ_µ -4.49044826e-26 m^2•A
myon mass m_µ 1.883531594e-28 kg
nanodarcys nDc 9.869233e-21 m^2
natural units of energy m_e•c_0^2 8.187105650457681e-14 m^2•kg/s^2
natural units of length ƛ_C 3.8615926764e-13 m
natural units of momentum m_e•c_0 2.730924488451892e-22 m•kg/s
natural units of time ℏ/(m_e•c_0^2) 1.288088666695243e-21 s
newtons per meter N/m 1 kg/s^2
newtons per square meter N/m^2 1 kg/(m•s^2)
neutron g factor g_n -3.82608545 m^2•A/(m^2•A)
neutron magnetic moment µ_n -9.662365e-27 m^2•A
neutron mass m_n 1.674927471e-27 kg
newtons N 1 m•kg/s^2
newton meters N•m 1 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
newton meters per radian N•m/rad 1 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
newtons per coulomb N/C 1 m•kg/(s^3•A)
newtons per square ampere N/A^2 1 m•kg/(s^2•A^2)
newton seconds N•s 1 m•kg/s
newton seconds per square meter N•s/m^2 1 kg/(m•s)
nuclear magnetons µ_N 5.050783698211084e-27 m^2•A
ohms Ω 1 m^2•kg/(s^3•A^2)
ohms centimeter Ω•cm 0.01 m^3•kg/(s^3•A^2)
ohms meter Ω•m 1 m^3•kg/(s^3•A^2)
ohms per feet Ω/ft 3.280839895013123 m^2•kg/(m•s^3•A^2)
ohms per meter Ω/m 1 m^2•kg/(m•s^3•A^2)
oil barrels bbl 0.158987295 m^3
ounces oz 0.028349523125 kg
ounces force ozf 0.2780138509537812 m•kg/s^2
ounce force inches ozf•in 0.007061551814226041 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
parts per billion ppb 1e-09
parts per million ppm 1e-06
parts per quadrillion ppq 1e-15
parts per ten thousand 0.0001
parts per thousand 0.001
parts per trillion ppt 1e-12
pascals Pa 1 kg/(m•s^2)
pascals per meter Pa/m 1 kg/(m^2•s^2)
pascal seconds Pa•s 1 kg/(m•s)
percent % 0.01
phots ph 10000 m^2•cd/m^4
pi π 3.141592653589793 m/m
pints pt 0.000473176473 m^3
planck constant h_P 6.62607004e-34 m^2•kg/s
planck length l_P 1.616228372961306e-35 m
planck mass m_P 2.176470195687873e-08 kg
planck temperature T_P 1.416807993922871e+32 K
planck time t_P 5.391157548338278e-44 s
poises P 0.1 kg/(m•s)
pounds lb 0.45359237 kg
pounds force lbf 4.4482216152605 m•kg/s^2
pound force feet lbf•ft 1.3558179483314 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
pound force feet per radian lbf•ft/rad 1.3558179483314 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
pound force inches lbf•in 0.1129848290276167 m^2•kg^2/(kg•s^2)
pound force inches per radian lbf•in/rad 0.1129848290276167 m^3•kg/(m•s^2)
pounds force per square feet lbf/ft^2 47.880259 kg/(m•s^2)
pounds force per square inch psi 6894.75729 kg/(m•s^2)
pounds force per square inch lbf/in^2 6894.75729 kg/(m•s^2)
pounds force per square inch per foot psi/ft 22620.59478346456 kg/(m^2•s^2)
proton g factor g_p 5.585694702 m^2•A/(m^2•A)
proton magnetic moment µ_p 1.4106067873e-26 m^2•A
proton mass m_p 1.672621898e-27 kg
quantum of circulation h_P/(2•m_e) 1.054571800139113e-34 m^2/s
quarts qt 0.000946352946 m^3
quarter teaspoons quartertsp 1.2322303984375e-06 m^3
radians rad 1 m/m
radians per second rad/s 1 m/(m•s)
radians per second per tesla rad/(s•T) 1 m•s^2•A/(m•kg•s)
radians per square second rad/s^2 1 m/(m•s^2)
rankines °R 0.555555555555556 K
rankines per foot °R/ft 1.822688830562848 K/m
reduced planck constant 1.054571800139113e-34 m^3•kg/(m•s)
rods rod 5.0292 m
rydbergs Ry 2.179872325695729e-18 m^2•kg/s^2
rydberg constant R_∞ 10973731.57154738 (1/m)
seconds s 1 s
seconds per second s/s 1 s/s
second radiation constant h_P•c_0/k_B 0.01438777353898688 m^3•kg•s^2•K/(m^2•kg•s^2)
siemens S 1 s^3•A^2/(m^2•kg)
siemens centimeter squared per mole S•cm^2/mol 0.0001 m^2•s^3•A^2/(m^2•kg•mol)
siemens meter squared per mole S•m^2/mol 1 m^2•s^3•A^2/(m^2•kg•mol)
siemens per centimeter S/cm 100 s^3•A^2/(m^3•kg)
siemens per meter S/m 1 s^3•A^2/(m^3•kg)
sieverts Sv 1 m^2•kg/(kg•s^2)
speed of light c_0 299792458.0147872 m/s
square centimeters cm^2 0.0001 m^2
square centimeters per second cm^2/s 0.0001 m^2/s
square chains ch^2 404.6872515856 m^2
square feet ft^2 0.09290304 m^2
square inches in^2 0.00064516 m^2
square kilometers km^2 1000000 m^2
square meters m^2 1 m^2
square meters per cubic meter m^2/m^3 1 m^2/m^3
square meters per liter m^2/L 1000 m^2/m^3
square meters per second m^2/s 1 m^2/s
square meters per square meter m^2/m^2 1 m^2/m^2
square miles mi^2 2589988.110336 m^2
square millimeters per second mm^2/s 1e-06 m^2/s
square rods rod^2 25.2929532241 m^2
square yards yd^2 0.83612736 m^2
stefan-boltzmann constant σ 5.670367e-08 kg/(s^3•K^4)
steradians sr 1 m^2/m^2
stilbs sb 10000 cd/m^2
stokes St 0.0001 m^2/s
stones st 6.35029318 kg
tablespoons tbsp 1.478676478125e-05 m^3
teaspoons tsp 4.92892159375e-06 m^3
tesla T 1 kg/(s^2•A)
tesla meter per ampere T•m/A 1 m•kg/(s^2•A^2)
tesla per centimeter T/cm 100 kg/(m•s^2•A)
tesla per meter T/m 1 kg/(m•s^2•A)
thomson Th 1.036426957204542e-08 kg/(s•A)
thousand oil barrels Mbbl 158.987295 m^3
tons ton 907.18474 kg
tonnes t 1000 kg
tonsUK tonUK 1016.0469088 kg
torrs Torr 133.3223684210526 kg/(m•s^2)
townships twp 93239571.972096 m^2
volts V 1 m^2•kg/(s^3•A)
volts meter V•m 1 m^3•kg/(s•A)
volts per centimeter V/cm 100 m•kg/(s^3•A)
volts per meter V/m 1 m•kg/(s^3•A)
volts per square meter V/m^2 1 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3•A)
von klitzing constant h_P/(q_e^2) 25812.80745611641 m^2•kg/(s^3•A^2)
watts W 1 m^2•kg/s^3
watt hour W•h 3600 m^2•kg/s^2
watts per cubic centimeter W/cm^3 100000 m^2•kg/(m^3•s^3)
watts per cubic meter W/m^3 1 m^2•kg/(m^3•s^3)
watts per kelvin W/K 1 m^2•kg/(s^3•K)
watts per kilogram W/kg 1 m^2•kg/(kg•s^3)
watts per lumen W/lm 1 m^3•kg/(m•s^3•cd)
watts per meter kelvin W/(m•K) 1 m•kg/(s^3•K)
watts per nanometer W/nm 1000000000 m^2•kg/(m•s^3)
watts per square centimeter W/cm^2 10000 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3)
watts per square foot W/ft^2 10.76391041670972 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3)
watts per square inch W/in^2 0.89699253472581 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3)
watts per square meter W/m^2 1 m^2•kg/(m^2•s^3)
watts per square meter per kelvin W/(m^2•K) 1 kg/(s^3•K)
watts per square meter per nanometer W/(m^2•nm) 1000000000 kg/(m•s^3)
watts per square meter per steradian W/(m^2•sr) 1 m^4•kg/(m^4•s^3)
watts per square meter steradian per nanometer W/(m^2•sr•nm) 1000000000 m^4•kg/(m^5•s^3)
watts per steradian W/sr 1 m^4•kg/(m^2•s^3)
watts per steradian per nanometer W/(sr•nm) 1000000000 m^4•kg/(m^3•s^3)
webers Wb 1 m^2•kg/(s^2•A)
webers per ampere meter Wb/(A•m) 1 m•kg/(s^2•A^2)
weeks wk 604800 s
wien wavelength displacement constant b_λ 0.0028977729 m•K
yards yd 0.9144 m
years yr 31557600 s
ångströms Å 1e-10 m
œrsteds Oe 79.57747154594767 A/m